Friday, 14 September 2012

FEEL: A skin care brand called MooGoo...

Hey guys, yay for the weekend, not like I do much but yayyy!

And before anyone says anything, yes I changed the design of my blog just cause I felt like it and I do things like that every so often because I get bored pretty quickly and WOAH my keyboard is spazzing out on me.

Sometimes I find it really weird when people say to me that they’re not into the whole skin care and makeup and beauty things because I forget that we all have different interests and I like to think that everybody thinks like me, but no. Talk about being in my own little world.

I like when I find a product that really works and it’s something useful where I just tell people about it because I can’t help it, I mean I’m the type of person where I’ll buy it and they can try it and then I’ll rave about it and talk it up so that they’ll get it. Get it? =)

I picked up this amazing cream a couple of weeks ago and my skin is literally glowing! Now in all fairness, I personally think it was like fate, I was meant to buy this. So, a friend of mine came over and I was like heyyyyyy your skin looks GREAT! And she was like thankyou, it’s this all natural cream I literally just slapped on my face and I was like yeahhh and just nodding like an idiot because her face was glowing and it looked so hydrated and smooth and you get it. Caroline was amazed. She told me about it and 3 days later I walked into this chemist and there this product was, right at the counter, I’ve never seen this particular brand there before but this time I did, so I bought it because I wanted my skin to glow too.

It’s a skin care brand called MooGoo.

MooGoo in Full Cream

 Now it’s for every skin type imaginable and what I love about it is that when you put it on, there’s no heavy residue (MINERAL OIL FREE EVERYONE*) which makes it amazing.

Mineral and Paraffin oil free!

It’s made from natural ingredients and every time I look at the packaging I want to drink milk, sorry lactose intolerant people. I personally can’t believe how many people really like this brand and at the same time I wonder why people I know haven’t gotten on board with this product. I think they just need me to tell them about it, they’re just waiting.

This one is in Full Cream, it comes in ANTI AGEING TOO

It’s been 2 weeks using this particular cream and my skin looks so good. I love how it’s super soft and it has that natural glow to it. The main benefit is for skin elasticity and getting that elastin back into your skin.   

Check the link out, I personally am in love with this brand, just read the packaging and that’s what sold it to me.

Let me know guys if you do try this out because it’s just so nice.

 *mineral oil/paraffin oil – leaves a residue on the face which eventually clogs the pores in your skin  

Thursday, 6 September 2012

It’s already September! and Benefit total moisture facial cream review, just a bit.

When the heck? It’s Spring already!!! I swear I just wrote a blog about it being the beginning of August. Where have I been? It totally feels like I just skipped a whole month.
But anyways let’s pretend my brain hasn’t gone MIA and let’s start September with me telling you all about how much I got to spoil myself by buying some new skincare products because I guess I don’t want to spend my money on clothes because all the sales on winter stock is everywhere and I just can’t resist!

Some great advice from my mum that she’s given me and something that has just stuck when I’m out shopping is if you want to spend money, like I mean SPEND MONEY (if you still didn’t get that, it means pricey, expensive, great quality, worth your money’s worth)  there are 2 things you should spend it on, that is anything that goes on your skin, your make up, skincare, creams etc and shoes and I’m not talking about those fancy heels ladies contrary to what you may think but shoes that support your feet. Why?

The skin: A lot of people take young skin for granted, by not moisturizing, not cleansing properly because we’re young and although we don’t see any effect now, it will happen eventually. I personally do believe as well that you don’t want things that are cheap that is most likely going to give you some sort of reaction and you never really know what are in these products.

The shoes: Shoes are so important especially if you’re standing up all day or moving around, going for a run, you need something that will support not only your feet, your ankles, your knees all the way to your back. You’d be surprised with how much pain you can get from just wearing the wrong shoes. Trust me, I’ve been there, running with shoes that don’t have gel on the bottom really took a toll on my knees, especially because I was running everyday for 2 hours.

Back to my skincare..

I always thought that I didn’t really need to spend too much money on skincare, all your cleansing, masks, exfoliating. I’m very lucky to have good skin and drinking lots of water helps. So I decided you know what I want a skincare that’s good for me just to brighten my skin, get rid of the dark circles, the occasional pimple because with the hotter season coming up, my skin is going to hate it. I’m a sweater, so mix sweat with stress from knowing you’re going to get pimples and the oil and BAM! It’s pimples galore with pores the size of Jupiter, gross.

What I’m loving at the moment is the skincare range by Benefit.

Although I’ve only just started using it, I can tell you that anybody who finds creams irritating and heavy and sometimes you just don’t want to apply it because you get that dragging feeling and overall you just feel uncomfortable so you don’t put it on, it’s like exercise, sometimes it makes you uncomfortable so you don’t want to do it.

With Benefit total moisture facial cream, it’s just so light but it has all the moisture you need. This particular one doesn’t contain any sunscreen so it’s a great day and night cream. It’s also perfect before you apply your makeup just by adding that extra moisture your skin might need and the smell is unbelievable. It’s so fragrant and you just want to put it on.

Benefit total moisture facial cream
I didn’t realize how much I’ve blogged so I do have other products by Benefit which I will probably put up in a separate post, because you know any short attention span people, like me are not going to sit here reading this, I mean my bottom is sore just from sitting here typing.

When I purchased this product I wasn’t too worried about the price, this one is 48.2g and I paid $59 for it, which I thought was fine because you literally don’t even need too much moisturiser. I would honestly say it’s worth it.

Anyways I am going to enjoy the rest of this amazing sunny day here in Australia, I promise to have more Benefit skincare products I bought up here, sometime, soon, I hope. =) Love yous, if that’s even a word.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Dear diary: I FINALLY got a new phone!

So I finally got another phone literally 2 days ago and I love it so much.

 When my phone broke I was using this really bad replacement where the battery would die every time I made a phone call and yeah if you go back to see when I blogged about when my phone broke, that’s how long it’s been with this thing.

I’m not going to lie though, it was pretty funny when I went out for my friend’s birthday dinner and she was cutting the cake and everyone took their phones out and I swear it was either an iphone or a galaxy or some sort of touch screen and I pulled out my Nokia 6610 and said Oh yeah I’m going to take a photo too, with this! and everybody just started laughing. (If you don’t know, it doesn’t even have a camera.) But it didn’t bother me, I love making people laugh, I was laughing too because I still couldn’t believe I hadn’t bought a new phone yet.

If you’re wondering I got myself the Nokia Asha 200 which is fine for me, I’m not really into all this technology business. Apps just give me a headache. I’m so old school for my age, I love it. As long as I can text, call and if I’m really in trouble/stuck somewhere internet access is great.

The one thing that kind of got to me was when a friend of mine said something along the lines of why don’t you get a smart phone, don’t be so old school and lame which really sucked because if they really knew me, they’d understand that I hate touch screens despite the fact that my galaxy tab is one but you know as friends I just didn’t feel like I had to justify myself which really just got me thinking, how much do your friends really listen to you and are they just nodding their heads to not be rude but they’re really thinking about their own issues.

Anyways I’m so tired, have a great night everyone!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Short hair VS Long hair

I think no matter who you are, there will be a time in your life where you are going to want something you don't have. Think about it, if you have dead straight hair, you want curly hair, if you have short lashes you want longer lashes, lighter skin you want to get a tan. Sometimes I think the world is just full of opposites and wanting to change things.

Bringing me to the topic of today or what's annoying me right now... short hair vs long hair. I've had it all, those do it yourself home hair cuts that were super short and made me look like a boy, the very thin at the bottom crazy layered hair that apparently everybody should have to the medium length hair that just sat there with no volume, so flat and so boring.

My hair grows out pretty quick but if any of you can relate, that'd be great. When you go from having long hair to short hair, it feels so weightless and it has so much volume to it or maybe its just me because I cheated and got a perm. However when hair grows out, there is a stage in hair growth that I like to call the ugly stage.

The ugly stage: This is where your hair has grown to a length that it is just impossible to work with.It frustrates you because you seem to be having a bad hair day almost everyday. It tends to go wild and frizz up at times, it feels dry, it looks unhealthy and no matter what you do to style it, it's just not working and most of the time it's gathered into some sort of top knot trying your best to hide all the imperfections and make it look as stylish as you possibly can at this stage. It gets all in your face especially when that wind blows and you feel like you just want to shave it all off.

At this very moment my hair is exactly at that stage and I just want to shave it all off because it is so crazy frizzy from this perm I got and it is just at a length where it doesn't look good. So I thought, genius me why not write down some pros and cons of short hair vs long hair.

Short hair: 


- Great for  hot summer days where you might tend to sweat, it feels great not to have any hair up in your face or the back of your neck, sweat away ladies and gents.
- Drys so quickly after you have a shower whether it be the natural way or using a blow dryer, which saves electricity as well, added bonus.
- I like to call this the ready to wear hair, wake up, I mean come on short hair, how much time do you really need to style it?
- It's manageable, less dead and split ends because it always looks healthy.


- It doesn't have that nice bounce to it when you walk, sometimes it lacks volume
- Limited styling looks, it's not like you can plait short hair or try out a crazy style
-  People might mistake you for a boy!
- It's one of those haircuts that just don't suit everybody

Long hair


- Style it anyway you want, try out different looks, imagination just goes wild
- You can play around with it more
- There are so many styling products you can get for long hair
- Add some cute little feather extensions in, or some hair accessories just look better on long hair IMO.


- It can be hard to maintain with all those products
- You're just asking for split and dead ends
- You kind of malt more I think
- It just gets so annoying when it is being stubborn and won't sit in the right place

The best solution for hair at the ugly stage would be the top knot or a messy bun or even a claw clip just so it's back, off the face and because you won't see it as much, your brain tricks you into thinking that it's growing out faster, but sometimes it lies.
Have a great day everyone! 
If you live in Australia enjoy this winter heatwave, because I definitely am not.